Regulatory News RNS Data Feeds

Company announcements from RNS and similar newswire services, available as embeddable widgets or a live data feed.

RNS feed embed

Our live RNS feed widget provides a real-time stream of Regulatory News Service announcements for companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. This allows investors to stay up-to-date with the latest news and announcements that could impact their investments. Our feed is updated in real-time, ensuring that investors have access to the most current and accurate information available. The widget also includes filtering options that allow users to customise the feed by date and category, making it easy to find the specific announcements they are interested in.

RNS email alerts

In addition to our Live RNS feed widget, we also offer investors the ability to sign up for email alerts when new Regulatory News Service announcements are made. This ensures that investors never miss an important announcement, even if they are not actively monitoring the live feed. Our email alerts are customizable, allowing investors to select the companies they are interested in and the types of announcements they want to receive.

Share price news widgets

Low-maintenance tools for embedding share price data on your own website or app.

RNS feed widgets

Data feeds

You can also subscribe to live market data and news with Ticker’s API services.

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