LSE stocks

All issuers with shares listed on the London Stock Exchange

450450 PLCView
888888 Holdings PLCView
SPA1Spatial PLCView
III3I Group PLCView
3IN3I Infrastructure PLCView
4BB4Basebio PLCView
DDDD4D Pharma PLCView
4GBL4Global PLCView
FOUR4Imprint Group PLCView
SIXH600 Group PLCView
7DIG7Digital Group PLCView
88E88 Energy LimitedView
ABDPAB Dynamics PLCView
ADIGAberdeen Diversified Income AND Growth Trust PLCView
ANIIAberdeen NEW India Investment Trust PLCView
ASLAberforth Smaller Companies Trust PLCView
ASITAberforth Split Level Income Trust PLCView
ASIZAberforth Split Level Income Trust PLCView
80JT"AB ""Ignitis Grupe"""View
IGN"AB ""Ignitis Grupe"""View
ABDXAbingdon Health PLCView
AASAbrdn Asia Focus PLCView
AAIFAbrdn Asian Income Fund LimitedView
ACICAbrdn China Investment Company LimitedView
AEIAbrdn Equity Income Trust PLCView
ASLIAbrdn European Logistics Income PLCView
AJITAbrdn Japan Investment Trust PLCView
ALAIAbrdn Latin American Income Fund LimitedView
ABDAbrdn NEW Dawn Investment Trust PLCView
APEOAbrdn Private Equity Opportunities Trust PLCView
APIAbrdn Property Income Trust LimitedView
ASCIAbrdn Smaller Companies Income Trust PLCView
AUSCAbrdn UK Smaller Companies Growth Trust PLCView
AC8Acceler8 Ventures PLCView
ACCAccess Intelligence PLCView
ACSOAccesso Technology Group PLCView
ACRLAccrol Group Holdings PLCView
AXSAccsys Technologies PLCView
ACIAAcer IncorporatedView
ACIDAcer IncorporatedView
ACGACG Acquisition Company LimitedView
AEGActive Energy Group PLCView
AOMActiveops PLCView
ACTActual Experience PLCView
ADAAdams PLCView
ADTAdept Technology Group PLCView
ADMAdmiral Group PLCView
ADT1Adriatic Metals PLCView
ADVTAdvancedadvt LimitedView
AMSAdvanced Medical Solutions Group PLCView
AVOAdvanced Oncotherapy PLCView
AFNAdvfn PLCView
87FZAeci LDView
AEOAeorema Communications PLCView
AFRKAfarak Group SEView
AETAfentra PLCView
AFRNAferian PLCView
AFPAfrican Pioneer PLCView
AOFAfrica Opportunity Fund LimitedView
ATMAfritin Mining LimitedView
AGTAAgriterra LDView
AIQAIQ LimitedView
AAFAirtel Africa PLCView
AJAXAjax Resources PLCView
ALBAAlba Mineral Resources PLCView
AADVAlbion Development VCT PLCView
AAEVAlbion Enterprise VCT PLCView
AATGAlbion Technology & General VCT PLCView
AAVCAlbion Venture Capital TST PLCView
32UAAlexandria Mineral Oils Company (Amoc) S.A.E.View
AMOCAlexandria Mineral Oils Company (Amoc) S.A.E.View
ALFAAlfa Financial Software Holdings PLCView
UFOAlien Metals LimitedView
ALNAAlina Holdings PLCView
ALKAlkemy Capital Investments PLCView
AGYAllergy Therapeutics PLCView
APHAlliance Pharma PLCView
ATSTAlliance Trust PLCView
ATTAllianz Technology Trust PLCView
AFMAlpha Financial Markets Consulting PLCView
ALPHAlpha Group International PLCView
ALGWAlpha Growth PLCView
ARTLAlpha Real Trust LimitedView
AWEAlphawave IP Group PLCView
ALTEAlteration Earth PLCView
AIREAlternative Income Reit PLCView
ALFAlternative Liquidity Fund LimitedView
ALTAltitude Group PLCView
ALTNAltyngold PLCView
ALUAlumasc Group PLCView
78QZAluminium Bahrain B.S.C.View
ALBHAluminium Bahrain B.S.C.View
DISHAmala Foods PLCView
AMRQAmaroq Minerals Ltd.View
AA4Amedeo AIR Four Plus LimitedView
87SDAmer Group Holding Company S.A.EView
AMGRAmer Group Holding Company S.A.EView
AMGOAmigo Holdings PLCView
AEXAminex PLCView
AMTEAmte Power PLCView
ANAAANA Holdings Inc.View
ASYAndrews Sykes Group PLCView
AMOIAnemoi International LTDView
ANXAnexo Group PLCView
AGLAngle PLCView
AYMAnglesey Mining PLCView
ANGAngling Direct PLCView
AALAnglo American PLCView
AAZAnglo Asian Mining PLCView
AEPAnglo-Eastern Plantations PLCView
ANGSAngus Energy PLCView
ANCRAnimalcare Group PLCView
ANPAnpario PLCView
70GDAntofagasta PLCView
ANTOAntofagasta PLCView
AO.AO World PLCView
APAXApax Global Alpha LimitedView
AGMApplied Graphene Materials PLCView
APPAppreciate Group PLCView
APQAPQ Global LimitedView
APTAAptamer Group PLCView
APTDAptitude Software Group PLCView
AEEEAquila Energy Efficiency Trust PLCView
AEETAquila Energy Efficiency Trust PLCView
AERIAquila European Renewables PLCView
AERSAquila European Renewables PLCView
AQSGAquila Services Group PLCView
AQXAquis Exchange PLCView
ARBBArbuthnot Banking Group PLCView
ARCMARC Minerals LimitedView
ARCArcontech Group PLCView
ARECArecor Therapeutics PLCView
AGFXArgentex Group PLCView
ARBArgo Blockchain PLCView
ARGOArgo Group LimitedView
ARGArgos Resources LimitedView
AAUAriana Resources PLCView
ARIXArix Bioscience PLCView
ARKArkle Resources PLCView
ACPArmadale Capital PLCView
AROArricano Real Estate PLCView
AXLArrow Exploration Corp.View
ATSArtemis Alpha Trust PLCView
ARVArtemis Resources LimitedView
ASAIASA International Group PLCView
ASCLAscential PLCView
ASTAscent Resources PLCView
ASPLAseana Properties LimitedView
ASHMAshmore Group PLCView
AIEAshoka India Equity Investment Trust PLCView
AHTAshtead Group PLCView
AT.Ashtead Technology Holdings PLCView
DGNAsia Dragon Trust PLCView
ARSAsiamet Resources LimitedView
ASIAAsia Strategic Holdings LimitedView
ASLRAsimilar Group PLCView
ASTOAssetco PLCView
ASBEAssociated British Engineering PLCView
ABFAssociated British Foods PLCView
AGRAssura PLCView
AMLAston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings PLCView
AZNAstrazeneca PLCView
ATYMAtalaya Mining PLCView
ATNAterian PLCView
ATYAthelney Trust PLCView
ALLAtlantic Lithium LimitedView
AJGAtlantis Japan Growth Fund LDView
ATOMAtome Energy PLCView
ROOFAtrato Onsite Energy PLCView
ATGAuction Technology Group PLCView
BOOMAudioboom Group PLCView
AUGMAugmentum Fintech PLCView
AUKAukett Swanke Group PLCView
AURAAura Energy LimitedView
ARAAura Renewable Acquisitions PLCView
ARRAurora Investment Trust PLCView
AURRAurrigo International PLCView
AUTGAutins Group PLCView
AUTOAuto Trader Group PLCView
AVCTAvacta Group PLCView
AVAPAvation PLCView
AVAWAvation PLCView
AVVAveva Group PLCView
AGTAVI Global Trust PLCView
AJOTAVI Japan Opportunity Trust PLCView
AVGAvingtrans PLCView
AV.Aviva PLCView
AV.AAviva PLCView
AV.BAviva PLCView
AVONAvon Protection PLCView
AXIAxiom European Financial Debt Fund LimitedView
AXBAxis Bank LimitedView
AXBAAxis Bank LimitedView
B90B90 Holdings PLCView
BABBabcock International Group PLCView
BA.BAE Systems PLCView
BGCGBaillie Gifford China Growth Trust PLCView
BGEUBaillie Gifford European Growth Trust PLCView
BGFDBaillie Gifford Japan Trust PLCView
BGSBaillie Gifford Shin Nippon PLCView
BGUKBaillie Gifford UK Growth Trust PLCView
USABaillie Gifford US Growth Trust PLCView
BSRTBaker Steel Resources Trust LimitedView
BAKKBakkavor Group PLCView
BCPTBalanced Commercial Property Trust LimitedView
BBYBalfour Beatty PLCView
BCGBaltic Classifieds Group PLCView
BVABanco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A.View
BNCBanco Santander S.A.View
BGOBango PLCView
BNKRBankers Investment Trust PLCView
BKMBankmuscat (S.A.O.G.)View
BKMABankmuscat (S.A.O.G.)View
BOAABank OF AfricaView
BOARBank OF AfricaView
BOCHBank OF Cyprus Holdings Public Limited CompanyView
BGEOBank OF Georgia Group PLCView
BKICBank OF Ireland (Governor & Company OF The)View
BKIEBank OF Ireland (Governor & Company OF The)View
BIRGBank OF Ireland Group PLCView
BARCBarclays PLCView
BEMOBarings Emerging Emea Opportunities PLCView
BARKBarkby Group PLCView
BMDBaronsmead Second Venture Trust PLCView
BVTBaronsmead Venture Trust PLCView
BAGBarr (A.G.) PLCView
BDEVBarratt Developments PLCView
BEYBarryroe Offshore Energy PLCView
BSEBase Resources LimitedView
BVCBatm Advanced Communications LDView
BAYBAY Capital PLCView
77GDBbva Capital Funding LDView
BCEBeacon Energy PLCView
BRSBeacon Rise Holdings PLCView
BEZBeazley PLCView
BKSBeeks Financial Cloud Group PLCView
BEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCView
BBHBellevue Healthcare Trust PLCView
BELLBelluscura PLCView
BWYBellway PLCView
BLVBelvoir Group PLCView
BMKBenchmark Holdings PLCView
BENBens Creek Group PLCView
BEMBeowulf Mining PLCView
BKYBerkeley Energia LimitedView
BKGBerkeley Group Holdings (The) PLCView
BXPBeximco Pharmaceuticals LimitedView
BZTBezant Resources PLCView
BHMGBH Macro LimitedView
BHMUBH Macro LimitedView
BHPBHP Group LimitedView
BIDSBidstack Group PLCView
BBBBigblu Broadband PLCView
BIGBIG Technologies PLCView
BYGBIG Yellow Group PLCView
BILNBillington Holdings PLCView
BIOMBiome Technologies PLCView
BPCPBiopharma Credit PLCView
BPCRBiopharma Credit PLCView
BIOGBiotech Growth Trust (The) PLCView
BVXPBioventix PLCView
BISIBisichi PLCView
BVXBivictrix Therapeutics PLCView
BIRDBlackbird PLCView
BFSPBlackfinch Spring VCT PLCView
BERIBlackrock Energy AND Resources Income Trust PLCView
BRFIBlackrock Frontiers Investment Trust PLCView
BRGEBlackrock Greater Europe Investment Trust PLCView
BRIGBlackrock Income AND Growth Investment Trust PLCView
BRLABlackrock Latin American Investment Trust PLCView
BRSCBlackrock Smaller CO Trust PLCView
BRSABlackrock Sustainable American Income Trust PLCView
THRGBlackrock Throgmorton Trust PLCView
BRWMBlackrock World Mining Trust PLCView
BGLFBlackstone Loan Financing LimitedView
BGLPBlackstone Loan Financing LimitedView
BLTGBlancco Technology Group PLCView
BRESBlencowe Resources PLCView
BLOEBlock Energy PLCView
BMYBloomsbury Publishing PLCView
BMVBluebird Merchant Ventures LTDView
BSIFBluefield Solar Income Fund LimitedView
JAYBluejay Mining PLCView
BPFUBlue Planet Financials Growth AND Income Investment Trust PLCView
BLPBlue Planet Investment Trust PLCView
BRDBluerock Diamonds PLCView
BLUBlue Star Capital PLCView
BMEB&M European Value Retail S.A.View
BOYBodycote PLCView
BOEBoeing CO.View
BONHBonhill Group PLCView
BOOBoohoo Group PLCView
BD82Boot (Henry) PLCView
BOOTBoot (Henry) PLCView
BORBorders & Southern Petroleum PLCView
BIHBoston International Holdings PLCView
BODBotswana Diamonds PLCView
BGHLBoussard & Gavaudan Holding LimitedView
BGHSBoussard & Gavaudan Holding LimitedView
BWNBowen Fintech PLCView
BLVNBowleven PLCView
BPMB.P. Marsh & Partners PLCView
BHLBradda Head Lithium LimitedView
BMSBraemar PLCView
BMTBraime Group PLCView
BMTOBraime Group PLCView
BARBrand Architekts Group PLCView
BRSDBrandshield Systems PLCView
BBSNBrave Bison Group PLCView
BRHBraveheart Investment Group PLCView
BREEBreedon Group PLCView
BRCKBrickability Group PLCView
BPTBridgepoint Group PLCView
PIERBrighton Pier Group PLC (The)View
BWRABristol Water PLCView
BWSABristol & West PLCView
BAFBritish & American Investment Trust PLCView
BATSBritish American Tobacco PLCView
BLNDBritish Land Company PLCView
BSCBritish Smaller Companies Vct2 PLCView
BSVBritish Smaller Companies VCT PLCView
BVICBritvic PLCView
BRKBrooks Macdonald Group PLCView
BASCBrown Advisory US Smaller Companies PLCView
BWNGBrown (N) Group PLCView
44GLBrunner Investment Trust PLCView
BUTBrunner Investment Trust PLCView
BSFABSF Enterprise PLCView
BT.ABT Group PLCView
BRBYBurberry Group PLCView
BURBurford Capital LimitedView
BNRBurning Rock Biotech LimitedView
BMNBushveld Minerals LimitedView
BYOTByotrol PLCView
BYITBytes Technology Group PLCView
C4XDC4X Discovery Holdings PLCView
CVHCablevision Holding S.A.View
KDNCCadence Minerals PLCView
CADCadogan Energy Solutions PLCView
CMRSCaerus Mineral Resources PLCView
78GLCaffyns PLCView
79GLCaffyns PLCView
CFYNCaffyns PLCView
CRNCairn Homes PLCView
CBOXCake BOX Holdings PLCView
CLCCalculus VCT PLCView
CLDNCaledonia Investments PLCView
CMCLCaledonia Mining Corporation PLCView
CNNCaledonian Trust PLCView
CLXCalnex Solutions PLCView
CMBCambria Africa PLCView
COGCambridge Cognition Holdings PLCView
CAMCamellia PLCView
CGI"Canadian General InvestmentsView
COPLCanadian Overseas Petroleum LimitedView
CAPCCapital & Counties Properties PLCView
CGTCapital Gearing Trust PLCView
CAPDCapital LimitedView
CMETCapital Metals PLCView
CALCapital & Regional PLCView
CPICapita PLCView
CNECapricorn Energy PLCView
CPXCap-Xx LimitedView
GCATCaracal Gold PLCView
CARCarclo PLCView
CARDCard Factory PLCView
CDFFCardiff Property PLCView
CLLNCarillion PLCView
CCLCarnival PLCView
CARRCarr'S Group PLCView
CASPCaspian Sunrise PLCView
CGLCastelnau Group LimitedView
CCZCastillo Copper LimitedView
CGSCastings PLCView
CMXCatalyst Media Group PLCView
CATCatco Reinsurance Opportunities Fund LimitedView
CATCCatco Reinsurance Opportunities Fund LimitedView
CTEACatenae Innovation PLCView
CFHSCathay Financial Holding CO LTDView
CCRC&C Group PLCView
CCJICC Japan Income & Growth Trust PLCView
CCJSCC Japan Income & Growth Trust PLCView
CBACeiba Investments LimitedView
CELCeladon Pharmaceuticals PLCView
CBXCellular Goods PLCView
CCPCeltic PLCView
CCPACeltic PLCView
CCPCCeltic PLCView
CNKSCenkos Securities PLCView
CEYCentamin PLCView
CAUCentaur Media PLCView
CAMLCentral Asia Metals PLCView
CNICCentralnic Group PLCView
CNACentrica PLCView
CWRCeres Power Holdings PLCView
CERCerillion PLCView
CGHChaarat Gold Holdings LTDView
CEGChallenger Energy Group PLCView
CMHChamberlin PLCView
CCTCharacter Group PLCView
CHARChariot LimitedView
CKTCheckit PLCView
CGWChelverton Growth Trust PLCView
SDVChelverton UK Dividend Trust PLCView
BC88Chemring Group PLCView
CHGChemring Group PLCView
TORGChenavari Toro Income Fund LimitedView
TOROChenavari Toro Income Fund LimitedView
CSNChesnara PLCView
CHFChesterfield Resources PLCView
CHLLChill Brands Group PLCView
CNGChina Nonferrous Gold LimitedView
CPIC"China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co.View
CNSDChina Steel CorporationView
78TK"China Yangtze Power Co.View
CYPC"China Yangtze Power Co.View
CTGChristie Group PLCView
CHRYChrysalis Investments LimitedView
CHHChurchill China PLCView
CINHCindrigo Holdings LimitedView
CINECineworld Group PLCView
CRCCircle Property PLCView
CRESCitius Resources PLCView
CINCity OF London Group PLCView
CLIGCity OF London Investment Group PLCView
BA47City OF London Investment Trust PLCView
BA69City OF London Investment Trust PLCView
CTYCity OF London Investment Trust PLCView
CTYACity OF London Investment Trust PLCView
CPCCity PUB Group PLC (The)View
CSHCivitas Social Housing PLCView
CIZCizzle Biotechnology Holdings PLCView
CKNClarkson PLCView
CPH2Clean Power Hydrogen PLCView
CTLCleantech Lithium PLCView
CLONClontarf Energy PLCView
CBGClose Brothers Group PLCView
CDLCloudbreak Discovery PLCView
CLCOCloudcoco Group PLCView
CLICLS Holdings PLCView
CMLCML Microsystems PLCView
COACoats Group PLCView
COBRCobra Resources PLCView
CCEPCoca-Cola Europacific Partners PLCView
CCHCoca-Cola HBC AGView
CODXCodex Acquisitions PLCView
CHRTCohort PLCView
CFXColefax Group PLCView
41JBCommercial International Bank (Egypt) S.A.E.View
CBKDCommercial International Bank (Egypt) S.A.E.View
CODCompagnie DE Saint-GobainView
CEIACompal Electronics INCView
CEIRCompal Electronics INCView
CPGCompass Group PLCView
COMComptoir Group PLCView
CCCComputacenter PLCView
CNCConcurrent Technologies PLCView
CNRCondor Gold PLCView
CREConduit Holdings LimitedView
CGNRConroy Gold & Natural Resources PLCView
CGOContango Holdings PLCView
CTECConvatec Group PLCView
CICConygar Investment Company PLC (The)View
CORACora Gold LimitedView
CRUCoral Products PLCView
CRCLCorcel PLCView
CRDLCordel Group PLCView
CORDCordiant Digital Infrastructure LimitedView
CSRDCordiant Digital Infrastructure LimitedView
CNSCorero Network Security PLCView
CSFSCornerstone FS PLCView
CUSNCornish Metals Inc.View
COROCoro Energy PLCView
COSTCostain Group PLCView
CPPCppgroup PLCView
CYNCQS Natural Resources Growth AND Income PLCView
NCYFCQS NEW City High Yield Fund LimitedView
CRWCraneware PLCView
CWKCranswick PLCView
CRVCraven House Capital PLCView
CRLCreightons PLCView
CREOCreo Medical Group PLCView
LOADCrestchic PLCView
CRSTCrest Nicholson Holdings PLCView
TIDECrimson Tide PLCView
CRTMCritical Metals PLCView
49GPCroda International PLCView
50GPCroda International PLCView
CRDACroda International PLCView
CSSGCroma Security Solutions Group PLCView
CRPRCropper (James) PLCView
CCSCrossword Cybersecurity PLCView
CRWNCrown Place VCT PLCView
CRSCrystal Amber Fund LimitedView
CTACT Automotive Group PLCView
CMPGCT Global Managed Portfolio Trust PLCView
CMPICT Global Managed Portfolio Trust PLCView
CTPECT Private Equity Trust PLCView
CTPTCT Property Trust LimitedView
CTUKCT UK Capital AND Income Investment Trust PLCView
CHICT UK High Income Trust PLCView
CHIBCT UK High Income Trust PLCView
CHIUCT UK High Income Trust PLCView
CURYCurrys PLCView
CBPCurtis Banks Group PLCView
CZNCurzon Energy PLCView
CREICustodian Property Income Reit PLCView
CVCECVC Income & Growth LimitedView
CVCGCVC Income & Growth LimitedView
CYANCyanconnode Holdings PLCView
D4T4D4T4 Solutions PLCView
DALDalata Hotel Group PLCView
DARKDarktrace PLCView
DATDatang International Power Generation Company LDView
DVTDavictus PLCView
DPHDechra Pharmaceuticals PLCView
DMTRDeepmatter Group PLCView
DVRGDeepverge PLCView
DKLDekel Agri-Vision PLCView
ROODeliveroo PLCView
DEMGDeltex Medical Group PLCView
DELTDeltic Energy PLCView
DLNDerwent London PLCView
DESTDestiny Pharma PLCView
DEVDEV Clever Holdings PLCView
DVNODevelop North PLCView
DEVO"Devolver DigitalView
DVODevro PLCView
DWHADewhurst Group PLCView
DWHTDewhurst Group PLCView
DFIDFI Retail Group Holdings LimitedView
DFIBDFI Retail Group Holdings LimitedView
DFIJDFI Retail Group Holdings LimitedView
DFSDFS Furniture PLCView
DGIDG Innovate PLCView
DXRXDiaceutics PLCView
DGEDiageo PLCView
DGEDDiageo PLCView
DIADialight PLCView
DSIDial Square Investments PLCView
DNMDianomi PLCView
DGI9Digital 9 Infrastructure PLCView
DBOXDigitalbox PLCView
DTYDignity PLCView
DSGDillistone Group PLCView
DPLMDiploma PLCView
DCTADirecta Plus PLCView
DLGDirect Line Insurance Group PLCView
DSCVDiscoverie Group PLCView
DTVLDish TV India LimitedView
DISDistil PLCView
DFCHDistribution Finance Capital Holdings PLCView
DIVIDiverse Income Trust (The) PLCView
DECDiversified Energy Company PLCView
DCIDolphin Capital Investors LimitedView
DOMDomino'S Pizza Group PLCView
DNADoric Nimrod AIR ONE LimitedView
DNA3Doric Nimrod AIR Three LimitedView
DNA2Doric Nimrod AIR TWO LimitedView
DOTDDotdigital Group PLCView
DOREDowning Renewables & Infrastructure Trust PLCView
DSMDowning Strategic Micro-Cap Investment Trust PLCView
DPADP Aircraft I LimitedView
DPEUDP Eurasia N.V.View
DPPDP Poland PLCView
DRXDrax Group PLCView
DRVDriver Group PLCView
DOCSDR. Martens PLCView
DSWDSW Capital PLCView
DKEDukemount Capital PLCView
DUKEDuke Royalty LimitedView
DNEDunedin Enterprise Investment Trust PLCView
DIGDunedin Income Growth Investment Trust PLCView
DNLMDunelm Group PLCView
DX.DX (Group) PLCView
EYEEagle EYE Solutions Group PLCView
EISBEast Imperial PLCView
ESTEast Star Resources PLCView
EZJEasyjet PLCView
EBQEbiquity PLCView
ELLAEcclesiastical Insurance Office PLCView
ECHOEcho Energy PLCView
ECKEckoh PLCView
EAHECO Animal Health Group PLCView
ECOECO (Atlantic) OIL & GAS LTDView
EGLEcofin Global Utilities AND Infrastructure Trust PLCView
RNEPEcofin U.S. Renewables Infrastructure Trust PLCView
RNEWEcofin U.S. Renewables Infrastructure Trust PLCView
ECOREcora Resources PLCView
ECRECR Minerals PLCView
ECSCEcsc Group PLCView
EDENEden Research PLCView
EDLEdenville Energy PLCView
EDGHEdge Performance VCT PLCView
EDINEdinburgh Investment Trust PLCView
EWIEdinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust PLCView
EPICEdiston Property Investment Company PLCView
66XDEdita Food Industries S.A.E.View
EFIDEdita Food Industries S.A.E.View
EAASEenergy Group PLCView
BG79Efg-Hermes Holding S.A.E.View
EFGDEfg-Hermes Holding S.A.E.View
EDREgdon Resources PLCView
EJF0EJF Investments LTDView
EJFIEJF Investments LTDView
EKFEKF Diagnostics Holdings PLCView
ELCOEleco Public Limited CompanyView
ELEGElectric Guitar PLCView
ELMElementis PLCView
ELIXElixirr International PLCView
EMISEmis Group PLCView
EMLEmmerson PLCView
EEEEmpire Metals LimitedView
ESPEmpiric Student Property PLCView
EMREmpresaria Group PLCView
EMEEmpyrean Energy PLCView
EDVEndeavour Mining PLCView
ETPEneraqua Technologies PLCView
ENOGEnergean PLCView
EXREngage XR Holdings PLCView
94PFEN+ Group International Public Joint-Stock CompanyView
ENPLEN+ Group International Public Joint-Stock CompanyView
ENQEnquest PLCView
ENSIEnsilica PLCView
ENTEntain PLCView
NTQEnteq Technologies PLCView
ENWEnwell Energy PLCView
ESOEPE Special Opportunities LimitedView
ESOZEPE Special Opportunities LimitedView
EPWNEpwin Group PLCView
EQTEqtec PLCView
EQLSEquals Group PLCView
ERGOErgomed PLCView
ESKNEsken LimitedView
ESYSEssensys PLCView
ESNTEssentra PLCView
62UMEtalon Group PLCView
ETLNEtalon Group PLCView
ETXE-Therapeutics PLCView
ENETEthernity Networks LTDView
EUAEurasia Mining PLCView
ECELEurocell PLCView
EUZEuropa Metals LTDView
EOGEuropa OIL & GAS (Holdings) PLCView
EATEuropean Assets Trust PLCView
EMHEuropean Metals Holdings LimitedView
EOTEuropean Opportunities Trust PLCView
EVSTEverest Global PLCView
EMANEveryman Media Group PLCView
EVGEvgen Pharma PLCView
EVREvraz PLCView
EXPNExperian PLCView
67NWEZZ Steel Company - S.A.E.View
AEZDEZZ Steel Company - S.A.E.View
ADFFacilities BY ADF PLCView
FA17Fair Oaks Income LimitedView
FAIRFair Oaks Income LimitedView
FCSFalanx Cyber Security LimitedView
FOGFalcon OIL & GAS Ltd.View
FHPFandango Holdings PLCView
FARNFaron Pharmaceuticals OYView
FBHFBD Holdings PLCView
FCITF&C Investment Trust PLCView
FDMFDM Group (Holdings) PLCView
FDPFD Technologies Public Limited CompanyView
FEDAFederal Bank Limited (The)View
FEDSFederal Bank Limited (The)View
FDBKFeedback PLCView
FERGFerguson PLCView
FXPOFerrexpo PLCView
FARFerro-Alloy Resources LimitedView
FEVRFevertree Drinks PLCView
FASFidelity Asian Values PLCView
FCSSFidelity China Special Situations PLCView
FEMLFidelity Emerging Markets LimitedView
FEVFidelity European Trust PLCView
FJVFidelity Japan Trust PLCView
FSVFidelity Special Values PLCView
FTCFiltronic PLCView
FINSFinancials Acquisition CorpView
FCAPFinncap Group PLCView
FIFFinsbury Food Group PLCView
FGTFinsbury Growth & Income Trust PLCView
FINAFintech Asia LimitedView
FNTLFintel PLCView
FA.Fireangel Safety Technology Group PLCView
FRGFirering Strategic Minerals PLCView
FCMFirst Class Metals PLCView
FGPFirstgroup PLCView
FPOFirst Property Group PLCView
1SNFirst TIN PLCView
FSJFisher (James) & Sons PLCView
72GUFishguard & Rosslare Railways & Harbours CompanyView
FKEFiske PLCView
81CMFIX Price Group PLCView
FIXPFIX Price Group PLCView
FLKFletcher King PLCView
FLOFlowtech Fluidpower PLCView
FLTRFlutter Entertainment PLCView
TUNEFocusrite PLCView
FP.Fondul Proprietatea S.A.View
FNXFonix Mobile PLCView
FTFForesight Enterprise VCT PLCView
FSGForesight Group Holdings LimitedView
FSFLForesight Solar Fund LimitedView
FTSVForesight Solar & Technology VCT PLCView
FWTForesight Solar & Technology VCT PLCView
FSFForesight Sustainable Forestry Company PLCView
FTVForesight VCT PLCView
FORTForterra PLCView
FWDForward Partners Group PLCView
FOXFOX Marble Holdings PLCView
FOXTFoxtons Group PLCView
FPPFragrant Prosperity Holdings LimitedView
FRANFranchise Brands PLCView
FRASFrasers Group PLCView
FENFrenkel Topping Group PLCView
FRESFresnillo PLCView
FDEVFrontier Developments PLCView
FIPPFrontier IP Group PLCView
FRPFRP Advisory Group PLCView
FCRMFulcrum Utility Services LDView
FCHFunding Circle Holdings PLCView
FABFusion Antibodies PLCView
FUMFutura Medical PLCView
FMEFuture Metals NLView
FUTRFuture PLCView
G3EG3 Exploration LimitedView
GMPGabelli Merger Plus+ Trust PLCView
GMPPGabelli Merger Plus+ Trust PLCView
GAIAGail (India) LDView
GAIDGail (India) LDView
GALGalantas Gold CorporationView
GLRGalileo Resources PLCView
GFRDGalliford TRY Holdings PLCView
GMAAGama Aviation PLCView
GAWGames Workshop Group PLCView
GMRGaming Realms PLCView
GAMAGamma Communications PLCView
GTLYGateley (Holdings) PLCView
GATCGattaca PLCView
GCMGCM Resources PLCView
GABIGCP Asset Backed Income Fund LimitedView
GCPGCP Infrastructure Investments LimitedView
G4MGear4Music (Holdings) PLCView
GCLGeiger Counter LimitedView
GELNGelion PLCView
GEMDGEM Diamonds LimitedView
GEMGemfields Group LimitedView
GDRGenedrive PLCView
GENLGenel Energy PLCView
GACAGeneral Accident PLCView
GACBGeneral Accident PLCView
GECGeneral Electric CompanyView
GENFGenflow Biosciences PLCView
GENIGenincode PLCView
GSPGensource Potash CorporationView
GENGenuit Group PLCView
GNSGenus PLCView
CGEOGeorgia Capital PLCView
GETBGetbusy PLCView
GTCGetech Group PLCView
GFINGfinity PLCView
GLBGlanbia PLCView
GLANGlantus Holdings PLCView
GLENGlencore PLCView
GLVGlenveagh Properties PLCView
DATAGlobaldata PLCView
GINVGlobal Invacom Group LimitedView
GOTGlobal Opportunities Trust PLCView
GBPGlobal Petroleum LimitedView
GPHGlobal Ports Holding PLCView
80GMGlobal Ports Investments PLCView
GLPRGlobal Ports Investments PLCView
38KHGlobaltrans Investment PLCView
GLTRGlobaltrans Investment PLCView
GWIGlobalworth Real Estate Investments LimitedView
GPMGolden Prospect Precious Metals LimitedView
GCGGolden Rock Global PLCView
GDPGoldplat PLCView
GRLGoldstone Resources LimitedView
GHHGooch & Housego PLCView
GOODGood Energy Group PLCView
GDWNGoodwin PLCView
GSFGore Street Energy Storage Fund PLCView
GRAGrafenia PLCView
GFTUGrafton Group PLCView
GPLGraft Polymer (Uk) PLCView
GRIGrainger PLCView
GFHGGrand Fortune High Grade LimitedView
GVMHGrand Vision Media Holdings PLCView
GTEGran Tierra Energy Inc.View
GRCGRC International Group PLCView
GEECGreat Eastern Energy Corporation LimitedView
GGPGreatland Gold PLCView
GPEGreat Portland Estates PLCView
GSCUGreat Southern Copper PLCView
GWMOGreat Western Mining Corporation PLCView
GRPGreencoat Renewables PLCView
UKWGreencoat UK Wind PLCView
GNCGreencore Group PLCView
GROCGreenroc Mining PLCView
GRXGreenx Metals LimitedView
GRGGreggs PLCView
GRIDGresham House Energy Storage Fund PLCView
GHEGresham House PLCView
GV1AGresham House Renewable Energy VCT 1 PLCView
GV1OGresham House Renewable Energy VCT 1 PLCView
GHTGresham Technologies PLCView
GFMGriffin Mining LimitedView
GRITGrit Investment Trust PLCView
GR1TGrit Real Estate Income Group LimitedView
GRIOGround Rents Income Fund PLCView
42KUGrupo Clarin S.A.View
GCLAGrupo Clarin S.A.View
GSTGstechnologies LTDView
81GLGuaranty Trust Holding Company PLCView
GTCOGuaranty Trust Holding Company PLCView
GILDGuild Esports PLCView
GIFGulf Investment Fund PLCView
GKPGulf Keystone Petroleum LTDView
GMSGulf Marine Services PLCView
GUNGunsynd PLCView
GUSGusbourne PLCView
HLNHaleon PLCView
HFDHalfords Group PLCView
HAMAHamak Gold LimitedView
HPA1Hambro Perks Acquisition Company LimitedView
HMSOHammerson PLCView
86PBHanatour Service Inc.View
TOURHanatour Service Inc.View
HANHansa Investment Company LimitedView
HANAHansa Investment Company LimitedView
HSDHansard Global PLCView
HBRHarbour Energy PLCView
HVPDHarbourvest Global Private Equity LimitedView
HVPEHarbourvest Global Private Equity LimitedView
HDDHardide PLCView
HHVHargreave Hale AIM VCT PLCView
HL.Hargreaves Lansdown PLCView
HSPHargreaves Services PLCView
HARLHarland & Wolff Group Holdings PLCView
HEICHarmony Energy Income Trust PLCView
HEITHarmony Energy Income Trust PLCView
HMIHarvest Minerals LimitedView
HWGHarworth Group PLCView
HNGHawkwing PLCView
HAYDHaydale Graphene Industries PLCView
HEADHeadlam Group PLCView
HSMHeath (Samuel) & Sons PLCView
HVTHeavitree Brewery PLCView
HVTAHeavitree Brewery PLCView
HVTBHeavitree Brewery PLCView
HLCLHelical PLCView
HTWSHelios Towers PLCView
HUWHelios Underwriting PLCView
HE1Helium ONE Global LTDView
HELDHellenic Dynamics PLCView
OTESHellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A.View
98LQHelleniq Energy Holdings Societe AnonymeView
HLPDHelleniq Energy Holdings Societe AnonymeView
HEMOHemogenyx Pharmaceuticals PLCView
HDIVHenderson Diversified Income Trust PLCView
HEFTHenderson European Focus Trust PLCView
HNEHenderson Eurotrust PLCView
HFELHenderson FAR East Income LimitedView
HHIHenderson High Income Trust PLCView
HINTHenderson International Income Trust PLCView
HOTHenderson Opportunities Trust PLCView
44IOHenderson Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLCView
HSLHenderson Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLCView
HRIHerald Investment Trust PLCView
HERCHercules Site Services PLCView
HPACHermes Pacific Investments PLCView
HGTHG Capital Trust PLCView
HICLHicl Infrastructure PLCView
HIDHidong Estate PLCView
HTCFHighbridge Tactical Credit Fund LimitedView
HCFTHighcroft Investments PLCView
HWCHighway Capital PLCView
HIKHikma Pharmaceuticals PLCView
HILSHill & Smith PLCView
HFGHilton Food Group PLCView
SONDHipgnosis Songs Fund LimitedView
SONGHipgnosis Songs Fund LimitedView
HMA1Hiro Metaverse Acquisitions I S.A.View
HSXHiscox LTDView
HOCHochschild Mining PLCView
HDTHolders Technology PLCView
BOWLHollywood Bowl Group PLCView
HOMEHome Reit PLCView
HSVHomeserve PLCView
HKLBHong Kong Land Holdings LDView
HKLDHong Kong Land Holdings LDView
HKLJHong Kong Land Holdings LDView
HHPDHON HAI Precision Industry CO. LTDView
HHPGHON HAI Precision Industry CO. LTDView
HOYEHonye Financial Services LimitedView
HZMHorizonte Minerals PLCView
HRNHornby PLCView
HSWHostelworld Group PLCView
MOREHostmore PLCView
HOTCHotel Chocolat Group PLCView
HWDNHowden Joinery Group PLCView
HSBAHsbc Holdings PLCView
HSSHSS Hire Group PLCView
HATH&T Group PLCView
HTSC"Huatai Securities Co.View
HUMHummingbird Resources PLCView
HTGHunting PLCView
HURHurricane Energy PLCView
HCMHutchmed (China) LimitedView
HVOHvivo PLCView
HWAHwange Colliery Company LimitedView
HGENHydrogenone Capital Growth PLCView
HYUDHyundai Motor CompanyView
HYUOHyundai Motor CompanyView
HYUPHyundai Motor CompanyView
HYVEHyve Group PLCView
I3EI3 Energy PLCView
IBSTIbstock PLCView
ICGTICG Enterprise Trust PLCView
LBOWIcg-Longbow Senior Secured UK Property Debt Investments LimitedView
ICONIconic Labs PLCView
IBPOIenergizer LimitedView
IGASIgas Energy PLCView
IGRIG Design Group PLCView
IGGIG Group Holdings PLCView
IKIVIkigai Ventures LimitedView
IKAIlika PLCView
IGEImage Scan Holdings PLCView
IMCIMC Exploration Group PLCView
IMMOImmotion Group PLCView
IMMImmupharma PLCView
IHRImpact Healthcare Reit PLCView
IPXImpax Asset Management Group PLCView
IEMImpax Environmental Markets PLCView
IPELImpellam Group PLCView
IMBImperial Brands PLCView
INCEInce Group PLC (The)View
INCHInchcape PLCView
IGVIncome & Growth VCT (The) PLCView
IGCIndia Capital Growth Fund LimitedView
INDVIndivior PLCView
INHCInduction Healthcare Group PLCView
INDIIndus GAS LimitedView
MLIIndustrials Reit LimitedView
INXI-Nexus Global PLCView
INFInforma PLCView
IIPInfrastructure India PLCView
INGIngenta PLCView
INLInland Homes PLCView
SPECInspecs Group PLCView
IHCInspiration Healthcare Group PLCView
INSEInspired PLCView
INSPInspirit Energy Holdings PLCView
INSInstem PLCView
IHPIntegrafin Holdings PLCView
IDHCIntegrated Diagnostics Holdings PLCView
IUGIntelligent Ultrasound Group PLCView
IGPIntercede Group PLCView
IHGIntercontinental Hotels Group PLCView
ICPIntermediate Capital Group PLCView
IBTInternational Biotechnology Trust PLCView
IBMInternational Business Machines CorporationView
IAGInternational Consolidated Airlines Group S.A.View
IDSInternational Distributions Services PLCView
IPFInternational Personal Finance PLCView
INPPInternational Public Partnerships LDView
ITRKIntertek Group PLCView
ITSIN THE Style Group PLCView
IIGIntuitive Investments Group PLCView
IATInvesco Asia Trust PLCView
BIPSInvesco Bond Income Plus LimitedView
IPUInvesco Perpetual UK Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLCView
IVPBInvesco Select Trust PLCView
IVPGInvesco Select Trust PLCView
IVPMInvesco Select Trust PLCView
IVPUInvesco Select Trust PLCView
46HAInvestec Investment Trust PLCView
47HAInvestec Investment Trust PLCView
INVPInvestec PLCView
INVRInvestec PLCView
INVInvestment Company PLCView
IESInvinity Energy Systems PLCView
IOFIofina PLCView
IOMIomart Group PLCView
IQAIIq-Ai LimitedView
IQGIqgeo Group PLCView
ICGCIrish Continental Group PLCView
IRONIronveld PLCView
ITXItaconix PLCView
ITHIthaca Energy PLCView
ITIMItim Group PLCView
IXIIxico PLCView
IX.I(X) NET Zero PLCView
JADEJade Road Investments LimitedView
JSEJadestone Energy PLCView
JHDJames Halstead PLCView
JHDAJames Halstead PLCView
JANJangada Mines PLCView
JARJardine Matheson Holdings LDView
JARBJardine Matheson Holdings LDView
JARJJardine Matheson Holdings LDView
JIMJarvis Securities PLCView
JWNGJaywing PLCView
JD.JD Sports Fashion PLCView
JELJersey Electricity PLCView
JET2Jet2 PLCView
JLENJlen Environmental Assets Group LimitedView
JLHJohn Lewis OF Hungerford PLCView
JMATJohnson Matthey PLCView
JSGJohnson Service Group PLCView
80TEJoint Stock Company Kaspi.KzView
KSPIJoint Stock Company Kaspi.KzView
59OTJoint Stock Company National Atomic Company KazatompromView
KAPJoint Stock Company National Atomic Company KazatompromView
JNEOJourneo PLCView
JPELJpel Private Equity LimitedView
JAMJpmorgan American Investment Trust PLCView
JAGIJpmorgan Asia Growth & Income PLCView
JCGIJpmorgan China Growth & Income PLCView
JCHJpmorgan Claverhouse Investment Trust PLCView
JEMA"Jpmorgan Emerging EuropeView
JMGJpmorgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust PLCView
JEDTJpmorgan European Discovery Trust PLCView
JEGIJpmorgan European Growth & Income PLCView
JARAJpmorgan Global Core Real Assets LimitedView
JAREJpmorgan Global Core Real Assets LimitedView
JARUJpmorgan Global Core Real Assets LimitedView
JEMIJpmorgan Global Emerging Markets Income Trust PLCView
JGGCJpmorgan Global Growth & Income PLCView
JGGIJpmorgan Global Growth & Income PLCView
JIIJpmorgan Indian Investment Trust PLCView
JFJJpmorgan Japanese Investment Trust PLCView
JPSSJpmorgan Japan Small CAP Growth & Income PLCView
JSGIJpmorgan Japan Small CAP Growth & Income PLCView
JMFJpmorgan MID Capital Investment Trust PLCView
MATEJpmorgan Multi-Asset Growth & Income PLCView
JMIJpmorgan UK Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLCView
JUSCJpmorgan US Smaller CO. INV TST PLCView
37QBJSC Halyk BankView
HSBKJSC Halyk BankView
JLPJubilee Metals Group PLCView
JDGJudges Scientific PLCView
JUPJupiter Fund Management PLCView
JGCJupiter Green Investment Trust PLCView
JETJust EAT Takeaway.Com N.V.View
JUSTJust Group PLCView
JZCPJZ Capital Partners LimitedView
KBTK3 Business Technology Group PLCView
K3CK3 Capital Group PLCView
KNOSKainos Group PLCView
KAKUKakuzi LDView
KNBKanabo Group PLCView
KAPEKape Technologies PLCView
KDRKarelian Diamond Resources PLCView
KATKatoro Gold PLCView
KAVKavango Resources PLCView
KZGKazera Global PLCView
KCRKCR Residential Reit PLCView
KEFIKefi Gold AND Copper PLCView
KLRKeller Group PLCView
KLSOKelso Group Holdings PLCView
KENKendrick Resources PLCView
KMRKenmare Resources PLCView
KRSKeras Resources PLCView
KYGAKerry Group PLCView
KEYSKeystone LAW Group PLCView
70HFKeystone Positive Change Investment Trust PLCView
KPCKeystone Positive Change Investment Trust PLCView
KWSKeywords Studios PLCView
KIBOKibo Energy PLCView
KIEKier Group PLCView
KGFKingfisher PLCView
KAYKings Arms Yard VCT PLCView
KGPKingspan Group PLCView
KWGKingswood Holdings LimitedView
KINOKinovo PLCView
KISTKistos Holdings PLCView
KITWKitwave Group PLCView
KGHKnights Group Holdings PLCView
KODKodal Minerals PLCView
KNMKonami Group CorporationView
KOOKooth PLCView
KP2Kore Potash PLCView
KOSKosmos Energy LTDView
KRMKrm22 PLCView
KMKKromek Group PLCView
KSKKSK Power Ventur PLCView
LRELancashire Holdings LimitedView
LNDLandore Resources LimitedView
LANDLand Securities Group PLCView
LOGPLansdowne OIL & GAS PLCView
LTODLarsen AND Toubro LimitedView
LTHMLatham (James) PLCView
LTHPLatham (James) PLCView
LWDBLAW Debenture Corporation PLCView
LTGLearning Technologies Group PLCView
LDSGLeeds Group PLCView
LGENLegal & General Group PLCView
LINVLendinvest PLCView
LNTALenta International Public Joint-Stock CompanyView
LNTRLenta International Public Joint-Stock CompanyView
LEXLexington Gold LTDView
39IBLG Electronics INCView
LGLDLG Electronics INCView
LIBLibertine Holdings PLCView
LIFSLifesafe Holdings PLCView
LABSLife Science Reit PLCView
LSAALife Settlement Assets PLCView
LSTLight Science Technologies Holdings PLCView
LIKELikewise Group PLCView
LMELimitless Earth PLCView
LTILindsell Train Investment Trust PLCView
LIOLiontrust Asset Management PLCView
BOOKLiteracy Capital PLCView
LITLitigation Capital Management LimitedView
LVCGLive Company Group PLCView
LIVLivermore Investments Group LimitedView
LLOYLloyds Banking Group PLCView
LMSLMS Capital PLCView
LSAILocation Sciences Group PLCView
LDGLogistics Development Group PLCView
LOKLok'N Store Group PLCView
LASLondon & Associated Properties PLCView
LFILondon Finance & Investment Group PLCView
LMPLondonmetric Property PLCView
LSCLondon Security PLCView
LSEGLondon Stock Exchange Group PLCView
LBELongboat Energy PLCView
LOOKLookers PLCView
LOOPLoopup Group PLCView
LORDLords Group Trading PLCView
LGRSLoungers PLCView
LWILowland Investment Company PLCView
LSLLSL Property Services PLCView
LUCELuceco PLCView
LKCALucky Cement LimitedView
LKCSLucky Cement LimitedView
LLAI"Lunglife AIView
MACAMAC Alpha LimitedView
MPOMacau Property Opportunities Fund LimitedView
MACFMacfarlane Group PLCView
MADEMade.Com Group PLCView
MTECMade Tech Group PLCView
11KQMadinet Nasr FOR Housing & Development S.A.E.View
MNHDMadinet Nasr FOR Housing & Development S.A.E.View
MHIDMahindra & Mahindra LimitedView
MAIMaintel Holdings PLCView
MAJEMajedie Investments PLCView
MLVNMalvern International PLCView
MNLManchester & London Investment Trust PLCView
MDOMandarin Oriental International LDView
MDOBMandarin Oriental International LDView
MDOJMandarin Oriental International LDView
05ISMando Machinery CorporationView
MNMDMando Machinery CorporationView
MANOManolete Partners PLCView
MFXManx Financial Group PLCView
MPLFMarble Point Loan Financing LimitedView
MPLSMarble Point Loan Financing LimitedView
MACMarechale Capital PLCView
MKSMarks AND Spencer Group PLCView
MRKMarks Electrical Group PLCView
MRLMarlowe PLCView
MSLHMarshalls PLCView
MHMMarsh & Mclennan Cos. INCView
92IPMarston'S PLCView
MARSMarston'S PLCView
MNPMartin Currie Global Portfolio Trust PLCView
MAWMaruwa CO. LTDView
MAC3Marwyn Acquisition Company III LimitedView
MAC2Marwyn Acquisition Company II LimitedView
MVIMarwyn Value Investors LimitedView
MVIRMarwyn Value Investors LimitedView
MVR2Marwyn Value Investors LimitedView
MASTMast Energy Developments PLCView
MTWMattioli Woods PLCView
MIG3Maven Income AND Growth VCT 3 PLCView
MIG5Maven Income AND Growth VCT 5 PLCView
MAV4Maven Income & Growth VCT 4 PLCView
MIG1Maven Income & Growth VCT PLCView
MXCTMaxcyte INCView
MCBMcbride PLCView
MCLSMccoll'S Retail Group PLCView
MCMMC Mining LimitedView
SAAM&C Saatchi PLCView
14NYMD Medical Group Investments PLCView
MDMGMD Medical Group Investments PLCView
MERMears Group PLCView
MCIMedcaw Investments PLCView
MDZMediazest PLCView
MGPMedica Group PLCView
MDCMediclinic International PLCView
MEGPME Group International PLCView
MIKMeikles LimitedView
MROMelrose Industries PLCView
MHNMenhaden Resource Efficiency PLCView
MRCMercantile Investment Trust (The) PLCView
MPLMercantile Ports & Logistics LimitedView
72HNMerchants Trust PLCView
MRCHMerchants Trust PLCView
MERCMercia Asset Management PLCView
MRITMerit Group PLCView
MNRGMetalnrg PLCView
MTLMetals Exploration PLCView
MTRMetal Tiger PLCView
MTROMetro Bank PLCView
MXCMGC Pharmaceuticals LimitedView
MGCIM&G Credit Income Investment Trust PLCView
MBHMichelmersh Brick Holdings PLCView
MCROMicro Focus International PLCView
SAASMicrolise Group PLCView
MSYSMicrosaic Systems PLCView
MTPHMidatech Pharma PLCView
MCTMiddlefield Canadian Income PCCView
MIDWMidwich Group PLCView
MWYMid-Wynd International Investment Trust PLCView
MIGOMigo Opportunities Trust PLCView
MILAMila Resources PLCView
MIIMilton Capital PLCView
MCONMincon Group PLCView
MAFLMineral & Financial Investments LimitedView
MYSEMing Yang Smart Energy Group LimitedView
MINMinoan Group PLCView
MIRAMirada PLCView
MIRIMirriad Advertising PLCView
MABMitchells & Butlers PLCView
MTOMitie Group PLCView
MINIMiton UK Microcap Trust PLCView
MELMitsubishi Electric CorporationView
GLEMJ Gleeson PLCView
MJHMJ Hudson Group PLCView
MKAMkango Resources LTDView
MIGMobeus Income & Growth 2 VCT PLCView
MIG4Mobeus Income & Growth 4 VCT PLCView
MIXMobeus Income & Growth VCT PLCView
MOSMobile Streams PLCView
MBTMobile Tornado Group PLCView
MBOMobilityone LimitedView
MMITMobius Investment Trust PLCView
MODEMode Global Holdings PLCView
MENMolecular Energies PLCView
GROWMolten Ventures PLCView
MVCTMolten Ventures VCT PLCView
MAVTMomentum Multi-Asset Value Trust PLCView
MONYMoneysupermarket.Com Group PLCView
MNKSMonks Investment Trust PLCView
MTEMontanaro European Smaller C. TST PLCView
MTUMontanaro UK Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLCView
MOONMoonpig Group PLCView
TMORMore Acquisitions PLCView
BA05Morgan Advanced Materials PLCView
BA29Morgan Advanced Materials PLCView
MGAMMorgan Advanced Materials PLCView
MGNSMorgan Sindall Group PLCView
MCLMorses Club PLCView
MAB1Mortgage Advice Bureau (Holdings) PLCView
MSMNMosman OIL AND GAS LimitedView
MTCMothercare PLCView
MOTRMotorpoint Group PLCView
MTVWMountview Estates PLCView
MPACMpac Group PLCView
MPEM.P. Evans Group PLCView
MSIMS International PLCView
MWEMTI Wireless Edge Ltd.View
MULMulberry Group PLCView
MUTMurray Income Trust PLCView
MYIMurray International Trust PLCView
MMAGMusicmagpie PLCView
MUSTMustang Energy PLCView
WINKM Winkworth PLCView
MILMyanmar Investments International LimitedView
MYXMycelx Technologies CorporationView
MYXRMycelx Technologies CorporationView
MHCMyhealthchecked PLCView
N4PN4 Pharma PLCView
NAHNahl Group PLCView
WINENaked Wines PLCView
NANONanoco Group PLCView
NNNNanosynth Group PLCView
NARFNarf Industries PLCView
NEXNational Express Group PLCView
NG.National Grid PLCView
NWORNational World PLCView
NBSNationwide Building SocietyView
NWGNatwest Group PLCView
NBDDNB Distressed Debt Investment Fund LimitedView
NBDGNB Distressed Debt Investment Fund LimitedView
NBDXNB Distressed Debt Investment Fund LimitedView
NBMINB Global Monthly Income Fund LimitedView
NBPENB Private Equity Partners LimitedView
NBPSNB Private Equity Partners LimitedView
NBPUNB Private Equity Partners LimitedView
NCCLNcondezi Energy LimitedView
NMTNeometals LTDView
NETNetcall PLCView
NSCINetscientific PLCView
NETWNetwork International Holdings PLCView
NZINET Zero Infrastructure PLCView
NEOANEW Energy ONE Acquisition Corporation PLCView
NWTNewmark Security PLCView
NRRNewriver Reit PLCView
NSINEW Star Investment Trust PLCView
NESFNextenergy Solar Fund LimitedView
NFCNext Fifteen Communications Group PLCView
NEXSNexus Infrastructure PLCView
NICLNichols PLCView
NGHTNightcap PLCView
N91Ninety ONE PLCView
NIOXNiox Group PLCView
NAVFNippon Active Value Fund PLCView
NSFNon-Standard Finance PLCView
NXRNorcros PLCView
NBBNorman Broadbent PLCView
NARNorthamber PLCView
NAITNorth American Income Trust (The) PLCView
NASNorth Atlantic Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLCView
CODENorthcoders Group PLCView
NTVNorthern 2 VCT PLCView
NTNNorthern 3 VCT PLCView
NTBRNorthern Bear PLCView
NTEANorthern Electric PLCView
NVTNorthern Venture Trust PLCView
NTOGNostra Terra OIL AND GAS Company PLCView
NOGNostrum OIL & GAS PLCView
NCYTNovacyt S.A.View
55VX"Nova Ljubljanska Banka D.D.View
NLB"Nova Ljubljanska Banka D.D.View
NLMANovolipetsk SteelView
NLMKNovolipetsk SteelView
NFXNuformix PLCView
NUMNumis Corporation PLCView
OCIOakley Capital Investments LimitedView
OCDOOcado Group PLCView
OCNOcean Wilsons (Holdings) LDView
OAP3Octopus Apollo VCT PLCView
OFGOctopus Future Generations VCT PLCView
ORITOctopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust PLCView
OTV2Octopus Titan VCT PLCView
OITOdyssean Investment Trust PLCView
37OCOIL AND GAS Development Company LimitedView
OGDCOIL AND GAS Development Company LimitedView
61HDO'Key Group S.A.View
OKEYO'Key Group S.A.View
OKYOOkyo Pharma LimitedView
OMUOLD Mutual LimitedView
ODXOmega Diagnostics Group PLCView
PETBOMV Petrom S.A.View
PETROMV Petrom S.A.View
ONCOncimmune Holdings PLCView
OBIOndine Biomedical Inc.View
ONDOOndo Insurtech PLCView
OHGONE Heritage Group PLCView
OMIPONE Media IP Group PLCView
OBCOnline Blockchain PLCView
OTBON THE Beach Group PLCView
OTMPOnthemarket PLCView
OPGOPG Power Ventures PLCView
OPTIOptibiotix Health PLCView
ORCPOracle Power PLCView
OIHOrascom Investment Holding S.A.EView
ORCAOrcadian Energy PLCView
ORCHOrchard Funding Group PLCView
ORNTOrient Telecoms PLCView
OGNOrigin Enterprises PLCView
ORROriole Resources PLCView
ORMOrmonde Mining PLCView
OMIOrosur Mining INCView
OIGOryx International Growth Fund LTDView
OSIOsirium Technologies PLCView
OBDOxford Biodynamics PLCView
OXBOxford Biomedica PLCView
OCTPOxford Cannabinoid Technologies Holdings PLCView
OXIGOxford Instruments PLCView
OMGOxford Metrics PLCView
ONTOxford Nanopore Technologies PLCView
OT1Oxford Technology 2 Venture Capital Trust PLCView
OT3Oxford Technology 2 Venture Capital Trust PLCView
OT4Oxford Technology 2 Venture Capital Trust PLCView
OXHOxford Technology 2 Venture Capital Trust PLCView
PACPacific Assets Trust PLCView
PHIPacific Horizon Investment Trust PLCView
PAGEPagegroup PLCView
PCAPalace Capital PLCView
PAFPAN African Resources PLCView
PINTPantheon Infrastructure PLCView
PINPantheon International PLCView
PANRPantheon Resources PLCView
PATPanthera Resources PLCView
PALMPanther Metals PLCView
PNSPanther Securities PLCView
NVTKPAO NovatekView
PAGParagon Banking Group PLCView
PTYParity Group PLCView
PMGParkmead Group (The) PLCView
PFPPathfinder Minerals PLCView
PAYPaypoint PLCView
PSONPearson PLCView
PEBPebble Beach Systems Group PLCView
PEELPeel Hunt LimitedView
PTROPelatro PLCView
PEREPembridge Resources PLCView
PEMBPembroke VCT PLCView
PDGPendragon PLCView
PENPennant International Group PLCView
PNNPennon Group PLCView
PPPPennpetro Energy PLCView
PREPensana PLCView
PBEEPensionbee Group PLCView
IL0APermanent TSB Group Holdings PLCView
PSHPershing Square Holdings LTDView
PSHDPershing Square Holdings LTDView
PSNPersimmon PLCView
PNLPersonal Assets Trust PLCView
PGHPersonal Group Holdings PLCView
PEGPetards Group PLCView
PHLLPetershill Partners PLCView
PDLPetra Diamonds LimitedView
PETPetrel Resources PLCView
PFCPetrofac LimitedView
MATDPetro Matad LimitedView
PTRPetroneft Resources PLCView
PTALPetrotal CorporationView
PETSPets AT Home Group PLCView
PHARPharos Energy PLCView
PXCPhoenix Copper LimitedView
PHNXPhoenix Group Holdings PLCView
PSDLPhoenix Spree Deutschland LimitedView
PYCPhysiomics PLCView
PCTNPicton Property Income LDView
PNPLPineapple Power Corporation PLCView
PIPPipehawk PLCView
PIRIPires Investments PLCView
PTDPittards PLCView
MNODPjsc MMC Norilsk NickelView
10NCPjsc PhosagroView
PHORPjsc PhosagroView
ATADPjsc TatneftView
PHCPlant Health Care PLCView
PTECPlaytech PLCView
PLAZPlaza Centers N.V.View
POSPlexus Holdings PLCView
PLUSPlus500 LTDView
PMGZPmgr Securities 2025 PLCView
PODPPOD Point Group Holdings PLCView
PCFTPolar Capital Global Financials Trust PLCView
PCGHPolar Capital Global Healthcare Trust PLCView
POLRPolar Capital Holdings PLCView
PCTPolar Capital Technology Trust PLCView
POLXPolarean Imaging PLCView
POLNPollen Street PLCView
POLYPolymetal International PLCView
POLBPoolbeg Pharma PLCView
PMPPortmeirion Group PLCView
PRVPorvair PLCView
POSDPowerchip Technology CorporationView
POSEPowerchip Technology CorporationView
PHEPowerhouse Energy Group PLCView
POWPower Metal Resources PLCView
PPHPphe Hotel Group LimitedView
PRDPredator OIL & GAS Holdings PLCView
PREMPremier African Minerals LimitedView
PFDPremier Foods PLCView
PMGRPremier Miton Global Renewables Trust PLCView
PMIPremier Miton Group PLCView
PRESPressure Technologies PLCView
PHPPrimary Health Properties PLCView
PRIMPrimorus Investments PLCView
PEYPrincess Private Equity Holding LimitedView
PEYSPrincess Private Equity Holding LimitedView
PROCProcook Group PLCView
PRNDPromos Technologies INCView
TPFGProperty Franchise Group PLC (The)View
PXENProspex Energy PLCView
PRMProteome Sciences PLCView
PPSProton Motor Power Systems PLCView
PGOOProven Growth & Income VCT PLCView
PXSProvexis PLCView
PFGProvident Financial PLCView
PRSRPRS Reit (The) PLCView
PRUPrudential PLCView
71FGPublic Joint Stock Company Novorossiysk Commercial SEA PortView
NCSPPublic Joint Stock Company Novorossiysk Commercial SEA PortView
PLZAPublic Joint Stock Company PolyusView
PLZBPublic Joint Stock Company PolyusView
PLZLPublic Joint Stock Company PolyusView
RKMDPublic Joint-Stock Company RostelecomView
PPHC"Public Policy Holding CompanyView
PUALPuma Alpha VCT PLCView
PU13Puma VCT 13 PLCView
PURPure Gold Mining Inc.View
PRTCPuretech Health PLCView
PURPPurplebricks Group PLCView
PYXPYX Resources LimitedView
PZCPZ Cussons PLCView
QQ.Qinetiq Group PLCView
QFIQuadrise Fuels International PLCView
QBTQuantum Blockchain Technologies PLCView
QTXQuartix Technologies PLCView
QRTQuarto Group IncorporatedView
QLTQuilter PLCView
QXTQuixant PLCView
RBWRainbow Rare Earths LimitedView
RAIRA International Group PLCView
RMMRambler Metals & Mining PLCView
RFXRamsdens Holdings PLCView
RNKRank Group PLCView
RATRathbones Group PLCView
RBGPRBG Holdings PLCView
RCGHRc365 Holding PLCView
RBDReabold Resources PLCView
RCHReach PLCView
REATReact Group PLCView
RE.R.E.A. Holdings PLCView
RE.BR.E.A. Holdings PLCView
RECIReal Estate Credit Investments LimitedView
RLEReal Estate Investors PLCView
RGDReal Good Food PLCView
RKTReckitt Benckiser Group PLCView
RC2Reconstruction Capital II LimitedView
RECRecord PLCView
RCNRedcentric PLCView
67GXRedde Northgate PLCView
REDDRedde Northgate PLCView
RRRRED Rock Resources PLCView
RDWRedrow PLCView
REDXRedx Pharma PLCView
RGLRegional Reit LimitedView
RIGDReliance Industries LimitedView
RIFAReliance Infrastructure LDView
RIFSReliance Infrastructure LDView
RENXRenalytix PLCView
RENEReneuron Group PLCView
RNWHRenew Holdings PLCView
RWIRenewi PLCView
RSWRenishaw PLCView
32IDRenold PLCView
RNORenold PLCView
RTORentokil Initial PLCView
RESIResidential Secure Income PLCView
RSGResolute Mining LimitedView
RTNRestaurant Group PLCView
RSTRestore PLCView
RBGRevolution Bars Group PLCView
REVBRevolution Beauty Group PLCView
RHIMRHI Magnesita N.V.View
RCDORicardo PLCView
RMVRightmove PLCView
RIIIRights & Issues Investment Trust PLCView
RCPRIT Capital Partners PLCView
RMMCRiver AND Mercantile UK Micro CAP Investment Company LimitedView
RGORiverfort Global Opportunities PLCView
RCOIRiverstone Credit Opportunities Income PLCView
RSERiverstone Energy LimitedView
RMIIRM Infrastructure Income PLCView
RWARobert Walters PLCView
RBNRobinson PLCView
ROCKRockfire Resources PLCView
RKHRockhopper Exploration PLCView
ROCRockpool Acquisitions PLCView
RKWRockwood Strategic PLCView
RFGRoebuck Food Group Public Limited CompanyView
RR.Rolls-Royce Holdings PLCView
ROQRoquefort Therapeutics PLCView
62ULROS Agro PLCView
RGPRoss Group PLCView
RDTRosslyn Data Technologies PLCView
ROLRotala PLCView
76IDRotork PLCView
RORRotork PLCView
RHMRound Hill Music Royalty Fund LimitedView
RHMPRound Hill Music Royalty Fund LimitedView
RQIHR&Q Insurance Holdings LTDView
RSABRSA Insurance Group LimitedView
RS1RS Group PLCView
RTWRTW Venture Fund LimitedView
RTWGRTW Venture Fund LimitedView
RUARUA Life Sciences PLCView
RICARuffer Investment Company LTDView
RURRurelec PLCView
RWSRWS Holdings PLCView
SFORS4 Capital PLCView
SNTSabien Technology Group PLCView
SBRESabre Insurance Group PLCView
SSTYSafestay PLCView
SAFESafestore Holdings PLCView
SFESafestyle UK PLCView
SGESage Group PLCView
SEDSaietta Group PLCView
SBRYSainsbury (J) PLCView
BC94Samsung Electronics CO LTD (Att)View
SMSDSamsung Electronics CO LTD (Att)View
SMSNSamsung Electronics CO LTD (Att)View
LENDSancus Lending Group LimitedView
LENZSancus Lending Group LimitedView
SDGSanderson Design Group PLCView
SLESAN Leon Energy PLCView
SANBSantander UK PLCView
SARSareum Holdings PLCView
SAVESavannah Energy PLCView
SAVSavannah Resources PLCView
SVSSavills PLCView
SCLPScancell Holdings PLCView
SCHOScholium Group PLCView
ATRSchroder Asian Total Return Investment Company PLCView
SDPSchroder Asiapacific Fund PLCView
SBOSchroder British Opportunities Trust PLCView
SBSISchroder BSC Social Impact Trust PLCView
SERESchroder European Real Estate Investment Trust PLCView
SCFSchroder Income Growth Fund PLCView
SJGSchroder Japan Growth Fund PLCView
SOISchroder Oriental Income Fund LimitedView
SREISchroder Real Estate Investment Trust LimitedView
SDRSchroders PLCView
SCPSchroder UK MID CAP Fund PLCView
SUPPSchroder UK Public Private Trust PLCView
SAGScience Group PLCView
SISScience IN Sport PLCView
SCIRScirocco Energy PLCView
SGZScotgold Resources LimitedView
SAINScottish American Investment CO. PLCView
SMTScottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLCView
SSTScottish Oriental Smaller Companies Trust PLCView
SEITSdcl Energy Efficiency Income Trust PLCView
SDIC"Sdic Power Holdings Co.View
SCGLSealand Capital Galaxy LimitedView
SSIFSecured Income Fund PLCView
SPDISecure Property Development & Investment PLCView
STBSecure Trust Bank PLCView
STSSecurities Trust OF Scotland PLCView
SEEDSeed Innovations LimitedView
SEESeeing Machines LimitedView
HYGSeneca Growth Capital VCT PLCView
SVCTSeneca Growth Capital VCT PLCView
SNRSenior PLCView
SEPLSeplat Energy PLCView
SEQISequoia Economic Infrastructure Income Fund LimitedView
SRBSerabi Gold PLCView
SSITSeraphim Space Investment Trust PLCView
BUMPSeraphine Group PLCView
SRPSerco Group PLCView
SQZSerica Energy PLCView
SENXSerinus Energy PLCView
SFRSeverfield PLCView
SVTSevern Trent PLCView
SHBShaftesbury PLCView
SHGShanta Gold LimitedView
SWGShearwater Group PLCView
SEFAShefa Gems LTDView
SIGCSherborne Investors (Guernsey) C LimitedView
STXShield Therapeutics PLCView
SHRSShires Income PLCView
SHOEShoe Zone PLCView
SRCSigmaroc PLCView
SBDSSilver Bullet Data Services Group PLCView
SAESimec Atlantis Energy LimitedView
SRESirius Real Estate LDView
SSASistema PjsfcView
SSAASistema PjsfcView
SIVSivota PLCView
SKLSkillcast Group PLCView
SBTXSkinbiotherapeutics PLCView
SKMDSK Telecom CO LDView
SLFRSLF Realisation Fund LimitedView
SLFXSLF Realisation Fund LimitedView
SLNGSlingsby (H.C.) PLCView
SMJSmart (J.) & CO. (Contractors) PLCView
SMSSmart Metering Systems PLCView
SMRTSmartspace Software PLCView
S247Smarttech247 Group PLCView
SCRFSME Credit Realisation Fund LimitedView
SMDSSmith (Ds) PLCView
SN.Smith & Nephew PLCView
SMINSmiths Group PLCView
SNWSSmiths News PLCView
SSONSmithson Investment Trust PLCView
SMVSmoove PLCView
SKGSmurfit Kappa Group PLCView
51FLSocietatea Energetica Electrica SAView
ELSASocietatea Energetica Electrica SAView
SNG1"Societatea Nationala DE Gaze Naturale ""Romgaz"" S.A."View
SNGR"Societatea Nationala DE Gaze Naturale ""Romgaz"" S.A."View
SCTSoftcat PLCView
SFTHSoftline Holding PLCView
SFTLSoftline Holding PLCView
SOLGSolgold PLCView
SOLISolid State PLCView
SOMSomero Enterprise Inc.View
SNDSondrel (Holdings) PLCView
SPESopheon PLCView
SOSSosandar PLCView
SOUSound Energy PLCView
S32South32 LimitedView
SOUCSouthern Energy Corp.View
SVMLSovereign Metals LimitedView
SALSpaceandpeople PLCView
SMD"Spectral MD HoldingsView
SPSCSpectra Systems CorporationView
SPSYSpectra Systems CorporationView
SXSSpectris PLCView
SDYSpeedy Hire PLCView
SPXSpirax-Sarco Engineering PLCView
SPISpire Healthcare Group PLCView
SPTSpirent Communications PLCView
SPMUSpiritus Mundi PLCView
SPOSportech PLCView
SPRSpringfield Properties PLCView
SRTSRT Marine Systems PLCView
STAFStaffline Group PLCView
STANStandard Chartered PLCView
OBORStarcrest Education LimitedView
STAStar Phoenix Group LTDView
SVEStarvest PLCView
SWEFStarwood European Real Estate Finance LimitedView
SBIAState Bank OF IndiaView
SBIDState Bank OF IndiaView
SAUASteel Authority OF India LDView
SAUDSteel Authority OF India LDView
SRADStelrad Group PLCView
STCMSteppe Cement LTDView
STEMSthree PLCView
STJST. James'S Place PLCView
STHPStranger Holdings PLCView
SECStrategic Equity Capital PLCView
SMLStrategic Minerals PLCView
STGStrip Tinning Holdings PLCView
KETLStrix Group PLCView
SRESSunrise Resources PLCView
SDRYSuperdry PLCView
SUPRSupermarket Income Reit PLCView
46IES & U PLCView
47IES & U PLCView
SYMESupply@Me Capital PLCView
SUPSupreme PLCView
SURSureserve Group PLCView
SURESure Ventures PLCView
SCESurface Transforms PLCView
SUNSurgical Innovations Group PLCView
SGGDSurgutneftegas Public Joint Stock CompanyView
SUHSutton Harbour Group PLCView
SVMSVM UK Emerging Fund PLCView
SLPSylvania Platinum LimitedView
SYMSymphony Environmental Technologies PLCView
SIHLSymphony International Holdings LDView
SNGSynairgen PLCView
SYNCSyncona LimitedView
SNXSynectics PLCView
SYNSynergia Energy LTDView
SYNTSynthomer PLCView
SYSSysgroup PLCView
SYS1System1 Group PLCView
TRACT42 IOT Tracking Solutions PLCView
TNDTandem Group PLCView
TANTanfield Group PLCView
THRLTarget Healthcare Reit PLCView
TKOTaseko Mines LimitedView
TGBATata Consumer Products LimitedView
TGBLTata Consumer Products LimitedView
TPCLTata Power Company LimitedView
TTSTTata Steel LimitedView
TATETate & Lyle PLCView
TAMTatton Asset Management PLCView
TAVITavistock Investments PLCView
TMITaylor Maritime Investments LimitedView
TMIPTaylor Maritime Investments LimitedView
TW.Taylor Wimpey PLCView
TBCGTBC Bank Group PLCView
CTOTclarke PLCView
TCSTCS Group Holding PLCView
TCSATCS Group Holding PLCView
TM17Team17 Group PLCView
TM1Technology Minerals PLCView
TEKTekcapital PLCView
TGPTekmar Group PLCView
32QXTelecom Egypt S.A.E.View
TEEGTelecom Egypt S.A.E.View
TEPTelecom Plus PLCView
TMPLTemple BAR Investment Trust PLCView
TEMTempleton Emerging Markets Investment Trust PLCView
TEGTEN Entertainment Group PLCView
TENGTEN Lifestyle Group PLCView
TYMTertiary Minerals PLCView
TRATertre Rouge Assets PLCView
TFGTetragon Financial Group LimitedView
TFGSTetragon Financial Group LimitedView
THALThalassa Holdings LimitedView
TV1Thames Ventures VCT 1 PLCView
D467Thames Ventures VCT 2 PLCView
DO1DThames Ventures VCT 2 PLCView
TV2AThames Ventures VCT 2 PLCView
TV2HThames Ventures VCT 2 PLCView
TV2VThames Ventures VCT 2 PLCView
THSTharisa PLCView
ARTTHE Artisanal Spirits Company PLCView
55BCTHE Commercial Bank OF Qatar (Q.S.C.)View
CBQSTHE Commercial Bank OF Qatar (Q.S.C.)View
ESCTTHE European Smaller Companies Trust PLCView
FULTHE Fulham Shore PLCView
GSCTTHE Global Smaller Companies Trust PLCView
TMGTHE Mission Group PLCView
PEBBTHE Pebble Group PLCView
TRIGTHE Renewables Infrastructure Group LimitedView
MNTCTHE Schiehallion Fund LimitedView
MNTNTHE Schiehallion Fund LimitedView
WRKSTheworks.Co.Uk PLCView
TPOSThird Point Investors LimitedView
TPOUThird Point Investors LimitedView
TLEIThomaslloyd Energy Impact Trust PLCView
TLEPThomaslloyd Energy Impact Trust PLCView
THXThor Explorations LTDView
THRThor Mining PLCView
TFWThorpe (F.W.) PLCView
THRUThruvision Group PLCView
TGAThungela Resources LimitedView
TIATialis Essential IT PLCView
TIFSTI Fluid Systems PLCView
TIRTiger Royalties AND Investments PLCView
TIMETime Finance PLCView
TMOTime OUT Group PLCView
TNTTintra PLCView
TBLDTinybuild Inc.View
TGRTirupati Graphite PLCView
TRXTissue Regenix Group PLCView
TONTiton Holdings PLCView
TLOUTlou Energy LimitedView
TMTATMT Acquisition PLCView
TMTTMT Investments PLCView
TOMTomco Energy PLCView
TOOPToople PLCView
TPTTopps Tiles PLCView
MEXTortilla Mexican Grill PLCView
TTETotalenergies SEView
TLYTotally PLCView
TSTTouchstar PLCView
TXPTouchstone Exploration INCView
TRPTower Resources PLCView
TOWNTown Centre Securities PLCView
TYTToyota Motor CorporationView
TCAPTP Icap Group PLCView
TPXTpximpact Holdings PLCView
TWDTrackwise Designs PLCView
TRCSTracsis PLCView
TRAFTrafalgar Property Group PLCView
TRNTrainline PLCView
TRAKTrakm8 Holdings PLCView
TRTTransense Technologies PLCView
TPKTravis Perkins PLCView
TETTreatt PLCView
TRLSTrellus Health PLCView
TRMRTremor International LTDView
TRDTriad Group PLCView
TI1Trian Investors 1 LimitedView
TRBTribal Group PLCView
TRRTrident Royalties PLCView
TRITrifast PLCView
TRINTrinity Exploration & Production PLCView
TENTTriple Point Energy Transition PLCView
TPVETriple Point Income VCT PLCView
SOHOTriple Point Social Housing Reit PLCView
TPOATriple Point VCT 2011 PLCView
TPOBTriple Point VCT 2011 PLCView
TPONTriple Point VCT 2011 PLCView
TSTLTristel PLCView
BOXETritax Eurobox PLCView
EBOXTritax Eurobox PLCView
TIGTTroy Income & Growth Trust PLCView
TRYTR Property Investment Trust PLCView
TRUTrufin PLCView
TRSTTrustpilot Group PLCView
TTGTT Electronics PLCView
SHIPTufton Oceanic Assets LimitedView
SHPPTufton Oceanic Assets LimitedView
TUNTungsten West PLCView
98LMTurkiye IS Bankasi A.S.View
TIBDTurkiye IS Bankasi A.S.View
TFIFTwentyfour Income Fund LimitedView
SMIFTwentyfour Select Monthly Income Fund LimitedView
UTLGUIL Finance LimitedView
UTLHUIL Finance LimitedView
UTLIUIL Finance LimitedView
UTLUIL LimitedView
UKCMUK Commercial Property Reit LimitedView
UKRUkrproduct Group LimitedView
UBGUnbound Group PLCView
UMRUnicorn Mineral Resources PLCView
ULVRUnilever PLCView
UJOUnion Jack OIL PLCView
UPRUniphar PLCView
USYUnisys CorporationView
UBLAUnited Bank LimitedView
UBLSUnited Bank LimitedView
UU.United Utilities Group PLCView
UTGUnite Group PLCView
UVELUnivision Engineering LimitedView
UPGSUP Global Sourcing Holdings PLCView
UPLUpland Resources LimitedView
UPLLUPL LimitedView
URAHURA Holdings PLCView
SHEDUrban Logistics Reit PLCView
URUURU Metals LimitedView
USFUS Solar Fund PLCView
USFPUS Solar Fund PLCView
UEMUtilico Emerging Markets Trust PLCView
EGY"Vaalco EnergyView
VALValirx PLCView
VIPValue AND Indexed Property Income Trust PLCView
VANLVAN Elle Holdings PLCView
VAREVarious Eateries PLCView
VASTVast Resources PLCView
VCAPVector Capital PLCView
VELAVela Technologies PLCView
VELVelocity Composites PLCView
VLSVelocys PLCView
VLGVenture Life Group PLCView
VDTKVerditek PLCView
VRSVersarien PLCView
VTUVertu Motors PLCView
VSVSVesuvius PLCView
GSEOVH Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities PLCView
VNETVianet Group PLCView
VICVictorian Plumbing Group PLCView
VCPVictoria PLCView
VCTVictrex PLCView
VIDVidendum PLCView
VEILVietnam Enterprise Investments LimitedView
VNHVietnam Holding LimitedView
VOFVinacapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund LDView
VMUKVirgin Money UK PLCView
VINOVirgin Wines UK PLCView
VTYVistry Group PLCView
61HEVK Company LimitedView
VKCOVK Company LimitedView
VODVodafone Group PLCView
VLXVolex PLCView
VTAVolta Finance LimitedView
VTASVolta Finance LimitedView
FANVolution Group PLCView
VLEVolvere PLCView
VOXVOX Valor Capital LimitedView
VSLVPC Specialty Lending Investments PLCView
WPSW.A.G Payment Solutions PLCView
WCWWalker Crips Group PLCView
WANDWandisco PLCView
WHRWarehouse Reit PLCView
W7LWarpaint London PLCView
WOSGWatches OF Switzerland Group PLCView
WATRWater Intelligence PLCView
WJGWatkin Jones PLCView
WEBWebis Holdings PLCView
WEIRWeir Group PLCView
WKOFWeiss Korea Opportunity Fund Ltd.View
WENWentworth Resources PLCView
WSGWestminster Group PLCView
WTEWestmount Energy LimitedView
JDWWetherspoon ( J.D.) PLCView
WPMWheaton Precious Metals Corp.View
WHIW.H. Ireland Group PLCView
WTBWhitbread PLCView
WIXWickes Group PLCView
WCATWildcat Petroleum PLCView
WILWilmington PLCView
WINWincanton PLCView
WPHOWindar Photonics PLCView
WNWDWindward LTDView
WML"Wisdom Marine Lines Co.View
WSBNWishbone Gold PLCView
86IPWitan Investment Trust PLCView
87IPWitan Investment Trust PLCView
WTANWitan Investment Trust PLCView
WIZZWizz AIR Holdings PLCView
WBIWoodbois LimitedView
WG.Wood Group (John) PLCView
WDSWoodside Energy Group LTDView
WKPWorkspace Group PLCView
WGPWorldlink Group PLCView
WSLWorldsec LDView
WWHWorldwide Healthcare Trust PLCView
WINVWorsley Investors LimitedView
WRNWorthington Group PLCView
WYNWynnstay Group PLCView
WSPWynnstay Properties PLCView
89VSX5 Retail Group N.VView
FIVEX5 Retail Group N.VView
XSGXeros Technology Group PLCView
XLMXlmedia PLCView
XPDXpediator PLCView
XPFXP Factory PLCView
XPPXP Power LimitedView
XPSXPS Pensions Group PLCView
XTRXtract Resources PLCView
AUYYamana Gold Inc.View
YCAYellow Cake PLCView
YOUYougov PLCView
YGENYourgene Health PLCView
YU.YU Group PLCView
ZAIMZaim Credit Systems PLCView
ZAMZambeef Products PLCView
ZIOCZanaga Iron ORE Company LimitedView
ZCCZccm Investments Holdings PLCView
ZEGZegona Communications PLCView
ZENZenith Energy Ltd.View
ZEDZenova Group PLCView
ZPHRZephyr Energy PLCView
ZHEHZhejiang Expressway COView
ZINZinc Media Group PLCView
ZNWDZinnwald Lithium PLCView
ZOOZOO Digital Group PLCView
ZTFZotefoams PLCView
ZYTZytronic PLCView