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Ticker sources and licenses data from a number of organisations. Please pay attention to the important notices below.


IR Data Services Ltd (IRDS), trading as Ticker.app, is an authorised redistributor of London Stock Exchange data. IRDS is authorised to redistribute both stock pricing data and related information, along with real time Regulatory News Service announcements.


IRDS works with Factset to provide up-to-date stock data and related information. Neither IRDS nor Factset provides guarantees about the accuracy and completeness of the data displayed on this website.

RNS announcements are obtained directly from the London Stock Exchange Regulatory News Service and are reproduced as-is.

Any data provided on Ticker.app that is derived from RNS announcements is provided on a ”best efforts” basis and users are expected to make their own investigations into the data and insights provided.

Data terms

Stock quote data provided on this website is distributed by IR Data Services Ltd (IRDS), trading as Ticker.app, with all rights reserved. Data on Ticker.app and IR widgets powered by Ticker.app may not be reproduced, distributed or re-published without prior written consent from IRDS.

Data accuracy

All individual stock prices are quoted with a 15 minute delay unless you are a realtime data subscriber. IRDS does not represent or warrant the accuracy or completeness of the data. IRDS is not liable for any delay, inaccuracy, error, interruption, or omission from this data.

Not a recommendation

Data provided to IRDS by Factset and the London Stock Exchange is provided for informational purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any of the securities mentioned on Ticker.app. Users will be assumed to have done their own research and appraisal of the viability of any company viewed on Ticker.app. IRDS shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect losses, expenses, or damages arising from any investment based on data found on this website.

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